About Us

About Us

Stelon Biotech Company Profile

We are into the pharma industry for the last about 25 years. It's division of Biofield Pharma. The Company has flourished to heights in the derma industry consistently. Stelon Biotech Pvt Ltd met all the challenges of the derma industry. The Company has been making its derma products available in every corner of India, more accessible in both rural as well as urban areas

Stelon Biotech Pvt Ltd is primarily popular for dealing with dermatology products. Our pharmaceutical Company is planned and structured to add new feathers to the cap by way of an innovative approach in respect of dermatology. Our Research & Development in dermatology and Commercial functions have been helpful towards fast decision making and the delivery of new derma medicines nationally & internationally. Our Derma Company is proud to have a wide range of derma medicines and is thus considered one of the best Derma PCD Franchises in India. Stelon Biotech Pvt Ltd is rapidly growing as one of the best dermatology companies in India. We cater to the demands of dermatology products across the country covering each state and district with full capacity on a monopoly basis. The company maintains a high quality of derma products; committed to hard work and dedication to following the laid down procedure and guidelines. All our derma care products meet all the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our utmost desire and efforts are concentrated on the dermatology for skin health of the people resulting in the confidence to win the hearts throughout India and helps us to attain a hundred percent satisfaction of the customers. The derma product range for skincare has been designed and the supply chain monitored in such a fashion that the demand for derma products is met expeditiously and made available to every patient timely. Stelon Biotech Pvt Ltd has developed a connectivity of supply chain for derma products and cosmetics at very affordable prices, to every corner of the country through our dedicated pharmacology experts in dermatology, dermatologist, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors. The range of derma & cosmetics are made available by Stelon Bioproducts Pvt Ltd like Skin Cream, Face Wash, Lotion, Soap, Sunscreen ointments, Scalp application, dusting powders and capsules, and many more are in the pipeline. Apart from our main interest in derma products, we also deal in Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Gynecology, Cardiovascular, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Renal, Metabolism, Respiratory, Immunology, Eye, and Pregnancy.


Why Choose Us

Stelon Biotech delivers high quality and reliable products. This has earned us credibility in the market of being the best.