Visual Aid


To raise awareness of its goods or services, every business must engage in some form of promotion. The Derma PCD Pharma franchise operates similarly. You must do the same for your company, which necessitates finding strategies to market your pharmaceutical product. You don't need to conduct research work to develop a new strategy for product promotion. Pharmaceutical items can be promoted in a variety of methods, including LBLs, brochures, visual aids, and thank-you as reminder card notes, among others. Pharma when it comes to these promotion strategies, pharma visual aid comes in front. Your brand can get recognition and acceptance in the pharmaceutical sector by leveraging it for promotion.

A well-designed visual aid contains all the information you need to know about the product. The viewer gains a lot of knowledge about the specific product. A well-designed pharma visual aid should have information about the product's brand name, the salts' chemical make-up, the product's benefits when used, and many other things, which we shall list below. The pharma visual aid should be innovative and soothing to the eye.

There are different methods of promotion for the PCD Pharma Franchise, but in Derma PCD Pharma Visual Aid plays the primary and vital role in promoting the goods. The visual aid sometimes referred to as a detail aid or sales aid, is a printed (booklet or brochure) or electronic document that contains information on the product. In Stelon Biotech along with the Printing brochure, we have pharma visual-aid in E-brochures also for those customers who promote products through electronic devices. For every customer, Stelon Biotech provides Customized E-brochures of the Derma PCD Pharma Franchise for pharmaceutical sales representatives or detailing programs that employ graphic aid to encourage doctors to have a fruitful conversation about medicine.

A pharma visual aid typically includes information on the product's effectiveness, clinical evidence to back up the manufacturer's claims, charts and graphs, instructions for dosage and administration of the medication, and summaries of pertinent data. In addition, the official labeling might be included. A visual advertisement is essentially a marketing tool that includes artistic components like images, catchphrases, and company emblems.


Here is a tutorial on creating visual assistance. We have listed all the essential components that must be included, such as the Brand Name, Product Type, Composition, Salt Name, and Indication.

1. Brand Name

The brand name is a specific product's name that cannot be confused with any other product on the market. Before launching any product in the Derma PCD Pharma Franchise BRAND NAME plays a very important role. Brand name should be very eye-catching and is a specific product's name that cannot be confused with any other product on the market. The brand name should be pen friendly in such a way that doctor writes it fluently and doesn’t pause it while writing a brand. Brand names should denote a true meaning for the usefulness of the product so that customers and doctors can easily memories it. Every business should file for the product's trademark, which certifies that the manufacturer or marketing firm is the sole owner of the brand name. The business that wants to market the product chooses the brand name as part of its marketing strategy.

In stelon biotech, all our brands are trademark registered. We never launch products without registering them under trade mark file. In stelon Biotech, we have a special team of doctorate pharmaceuticals that verifies the same before launching. That’s why we are having very eye-catching names for Pharma PCD in Derma.

2. Composition

It displays the exact amount of salts and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients found in the medication. The doctor needs to know this information to determine when he can prescribe that medication.

3. Type of Product

It shows what kind of product it is. Here is the list of available products in the market.

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injections
  • Syrup
  • Protein Powder & Sachet
  • Gel
  • Lotion
  • Soap
  • Eye Drop
  • Eye Ointment
  • Nasal Drop
  • Softgel

4. Name of the Salt

It shows the available ingredients in the medicine.

5. Indication

You can better understand the symptoms for which it can be prescribed by reading this section. If we focus on this product specifically, it can be administered for dental pain, osteoarthritis, traumatic and fracture pain, spondylitis, cervical pain, post-operative pain, and many ailments as specifically mentioned in the Indication Section.


A piece of printed or electronic documentation including product information is what a pharmaceutical visual aid is. It is used by the MR (Marketing Representative) to display to the doctors the product details. It includes images, text, brand logos, and charts to provide all the product information.

In the PCD Pharma Franchise of Derma Products, Product Visual Aid have a lot of Power

A picture just needs a few seconds to make sense, but it leaves the viewer with a lasting memory. "A single image says a thousand words," as the proverb goes. The visual image is set in the memory of the doctor which works as a reminder to prescribe the particular product.


It displays all of the important details of the product. It is made up of text, pictures, and symbols. It makes it simpler for the doctor to remember the medication and easier for the doctor to administer the medication to the patient.


The explanation for this is that it contains a wealth of pertinent information about the medication itself that aids a doctor or medical professional in comprehending the product, and there is a good chance that a doctor may subsequently prescribe the medication to one of his or her patients. The brand name, the product's composition, the salt used in it, the benefits, and the indications that show who can use it and who shouldn't are all clearly stated in a pharma visual aid.


The marketing materials are known as "pharma visual aids" and can include relevant graphics, photos, and text. It makes it easier for medical professionals and pharmacists to learn about the product and its applications. When it comes to doctors, in particular, it helps them retain the information so they may recommend it to their patients in the future, and when it comes to medical professionals, it helps them learn the ingredients utilized in a particular product.